Jaipur Bloc House is a Jaipur-based independent ethical home textile brand that specializes in Hand Block-Print. Our founder and creative head, Janhavi Khandelwal, studied Textile Design at NIFT, where she developed a passion for the art of Hand Block-print. With the goal of spreading awareness and educating people about the beauty of this textile art, she and her brother, Dhruv decided to start Jaipur Bloc House.

At Jaipur Bloc House, we are dedicated to providing high quality, skin-friendly products that are free from harmful chemicals. We believe that your homes should be filled with precious pieces that add beauty and meaning to your daily lives. Our collection includes enchanting table....Read More

At Jaipur Bloc House, we are proud to work with the highly skilled artisans of Jaipur who bring our unique products to life with their traditional block printing techniques. We believe in the value of preserving this cherished, yet dwindling craft and appreciate the imperfections that are inherent in this intricate method as they serve as a reminder of the human touch behind each piece.

Our focus on detail and dedication to quality means that we produce a limited number of stunning pieces that are worthy of a special place in your home. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and work closely with our responsible and talented suppliers.... Read More

Block Printing is an art which is still practiced in the Rural areas of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our traditional technique uses wooden blocks carved by hand and printed with eco-friendly inks, resulting in unique designs that take years to master. The fabric is dried in the Rajasthani sunshine before being tailored into our final products. Our hand-block printing process starts with the creation of wooden blocks, hand-carved with intricate patterns by skilled artisans. The fabric is then treated, washed, and dried in a multi-step process before being pinned tautly on a cushioned printing surface. The dyes are mixed and poured... Read More