Block Printing

Block Printing is an art which is still practiced in the Rural areas of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our traditional technique uses wooden blocks carved by hand and printed with eco-friendly inks, resulting in unique designs that take years to master.

Our hand-block printing process starts with the creation of wooden blocks, hand-carved with intricate patterns by skilled artisans. The fabric is then treated, washed, and dried in a multi-step process before being pinned tautly on a cushioned printing surface. The dyes are mixed and poured into tray tables and layers of fabric are inserted to create a surface for the blocks to be dipped into, with the type of fabric depending on the block detail. This traditional, eco-friendly technique requires immense skill and time to master, making it a rare and valuable craft.

In our hand-block printing process, the printer carefully lowers the wooden block into the dye tray, ensuring just the right amount of color covers the surface to avoid drips or smudges. The block is then placed onto the fabric with one hand and stamped firmly with the other hand to transfer the color onto the material. Through repeated and precise applications, the full design is created. Our traditional, eco-friendly technique is a unique art form requiring skill, patience and time to master. By purchasing our hand-block printed products, you can support the preservation of this beautiful and sustainable craft.

Each color in the design is applied using a separate block, and the blocks must overlay exactly to create the final image. The process is time-consuming and requires trained artisans who often pass down their skills from generation to generation. However, with modernisation and societal change, the number of block printing artisans has diminished. Our movement aims to preserve this beautiful craft and provide sustainable livelihoods for the remaining artisans. We believe that block printing is a valuable cultural heritage that should be cherished and kept alive.

Experience the beauty and tradition of centuries-old hand-block printing by shopping our authentic products on our website. Support sustainable livelihoods for our artisans by purchasing our eco-friendly, hand-block printed products online.